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What needs to be noted when transferring a company

In the process of company transfer, the most important thing to pay attention to is not the transferor, but the receiver. When acquiring a company, the receiver must first consider the company's accounting issues, find a qualified accounting firm specialist, carefully examine the company's accounts, and see if the transferred company has potential debts. If it is a shell company, it is recommended to find a reliable agent to contact it. It should be noted whether the company operated legally before the transfer, whether there were any illegal or criminal activities during the transfer process, and whether there were any bad records in the archives of the Industry and Commerce Bureau. The annual inspection of enterprises by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce is an important means of administering according to law. It is conducted every year and must be attended within the prescribed time. If not attended on time, the enterprise will be recorded, its reputation will decline, and it will also face punishment. Whether the registered enterprise is a prepaid enterprise, whether the registered capital is in place, whether there is any phenomenon of withdrawing funds, and whether the enterprise account is legal are all necessary to avoid unnecessary troubles in acquiring the enterprise. After receiving the goods, the receiving company should pay attention to: after receiving the goods, the receiving company should handle subsequent business matters according to its own situation. If the receiving company does not handle bank account opening, tax registration and other procedures, it will timely declare and pay taxes within the specified period.

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