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How to choose the type of company registration

The first consideration for registering a company is what kind of company to register. Some entrepreneurs are unaware of the type of company and do not know how to choose the type of company for their business. When providing registration services, the agency will inform customers to carefully choose the type of company they want to establish, as the type of company has a significant impact on the future operation and development of the company. The common types of companies include limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, partnership companies (divided into general partnerships and limited partnerships), and joint-stock limited companies.
Generally speaking, entrepreneurs choose limited liability companies, but it is recommended not to register a one person limited liability company unless absolutely necessary. Although it is a limited liability company, it may bear joint and several liability in the face of company debts. Even if, after the transfer of the company, the original shareholder cannot prove that the company's assets were independent of their personal assets before the transfer, the creditor has the right to demand that the original shareholder assume joint and several liability. Of course, if your company wants to fully invest and establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, a one person limited liability company is a good organizational form. If you want to register a company but don't know what type to choose, you can consider registering as an agent.

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