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FAQ about Overseas Offshore Company Incorporation

Q: What documents are procurable in purchasing Shelf Company?
A: Procurable are registered documents in complete sets, including:
Certificate of Incorporation
Business Registration Certificate
20 copies of the Company's Articles of Association
The Company's steel seal
The Company's pre-inked chop
Stock certificate book
Statutory book
Copies of documents filed with Government, for example, the Notice of Appointment of the first director, Notice of Acceptance of Director and Notice of Registered Address, etc.
Q: What's Shelf Company?
A: Shelf Company always has following characteristics:
It has not appointed a director
It has Certificate of Incorporation, seal of company, stock certificate book and other documents required by law
It has not applied for business registration certificate, without business activities
The purchaser can make purchase only by supplying necessary documents
Q: What is notable in registering the company name of Foreign Investment Enterprise ?
A: The following points should be noted in registering the company name of Foreign Investment Enterprise:
Company name shall not be identical to the name of other registered company in the same industry or unstated industry, except for those with investment relations
It shall not be identical to the original name of the enterprise renamed less than one year ago
It shall not be identical to the name of the enterprise deregistered or whose business license was revoked less than three years ago
It shall be subject to the approval of relevant authority for the use of words, such as "Country", "China", "Guangdong", "International" and others
It shall not include Chinese phonetic alphabet or pinyin (i.e. Bopomofo) or Hindu-Arabic numerals
Q: How is the name of Overseas Offshore Company proposed?
A: Generally speaking, company name should include "Limited", "Corporation", or simplified "Ltd.", "Corp." or "Inc.". If proposed company name is the same as registered company name, it can not be registered. Moreover, company name generally does not contain "Bank", "Insurance" or other words with similar meaning.
Q: Can Overseas Offshore Company name use Chinese characters?
A: Yes, in certain countries, for example, in BVI, CAYMAN ISLANDS and SAMOA , etc. Chinese characters can be used as company name.
Q: What is the minimum amount of authorized capital?
A: The amount of authorized capital in Overseas Offshore Company depends on the demands for the scale of operation and purpose from clients. The requirements for authorized capital can vary in different countries, as detailed in Jurisdiction Comparison Chart.
Q: How can I identify the authenticity of invoice speedily ?
A: To identify the following features:
The invoice title and body shall be both in Block Letters
The words "Account s Copy" after normal completion shall show in purple color
Each copy shall be in a n 8-digit number, in Gothic typeface
The column of amount in words of the invoice shall apply the printing color of invoice body and overprint color bar
Q: Do gratuitous donation s of goods require special invoice?
A: Yes. Goods donated to general VAT payer will be issued VAT special invoice on demand of the donee.
Q: Can this company , being a small-scale taxpayer , issue VAT special invoice?
A: Small-scale taxpayer can apply for VAT special invoice to competent tax authority.
Q: Can the profits of Hong Kong Company offset the losses of previous year?
A: Losses incurred in a taxable year can be carried forward and used to offset the profits of the company in subsequent years.
Q: What's Provisional Profits Tax payable?
A: Profits Tax shall be levied according to the actual profits of the taxable year. Since the profits of one year shall be determined only after the end of year, Inland Revenue Department will levy provisional tax before the end of that year. After the profits of relevant year are assessed in the following year, the provisional tax already paid can be deducted from the Profits Tax payable of this year.
Q: Can we use secretary services to answer calls from c ustomers in order to improve our corporate image ?
A: Yes. We provide Business Centre Services, where we have professionals in your name to answer calls via a dedicated line available for client use, to promote your corporate image.
Q: Is there any difference between registered address and correspondence address?
A: The registered address is the legal and operating address of a Hong Kong company, to which letters from Government will be posted. Correspondence address is used for receipt of commercial letters and parcels.

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