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Tax Advisory

As enterprises globalize, they can find themselves entangled in a complex web of tax rules and regulations in unfamiliar territorial. Even a local company will also be confused when meeting the changeable tax regulations. The un-familiarity with tax laws and pratice will have direct impact on developement strategies' output effect, while it could further cause non-compliance in terms of financial management and taxation.

Glory Business’s tax professionals will analyze your business pattern and operations, and identify tax-related opportunities and challenges through our thorough understanding of your business and the industry. We deliver tax advisory services that help you adopt beneficial tax treatments to improve cash flow, enhance financial performace, and most importantly, stay compliant.

The basic tax services include:

  • Company's taxation of VAT and CIT (Company Income Tax)

  • Annual Tax Return of CIT

  • Individual tax declaration

  • Individual Tax Return

  • Tax advisory on reducing audit risk

  • Assistance on Taxpayer verification

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